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Driving with Sky Land Express offers advantages whether you are an Owner Operator or looking to be one of our company drivers. Our dispatchers have logged many over the road miles themselves and know firsthand what it means to be a Sky Land Express driver. We have an open door policy at the office and take pride in our operation’s transparency. We respect our drivers as the partners they are.

Sky Land Express Service Area:


Stable, Growing Company

We offer some of the best driving positions with frequent home time, and stability.

High Income Potential

You will make between $70,000 to $90,000 a year.


Great Miles, Competitive Pay, and the opportunity to explore the Country.

Great Benefit Package

Weekly pay, flexible home time, paid vacation, health benefits, and much more.

Experienced CDL-A Driving Opportunities!

SkyLandExpress is looking for experienced CDL-A drivers with a safe and clean record. We offer some of the best driving positions with a well-balanced life on the road, frequent home time, and stability.

Driver Requirements

  • Valid CDL
  • D.O.T. qualified long form physical
  • Two Calendar years recent verifiable over the road experience
  • No DUI in last 5 years
  • No suspension or revocation in last 5 years
  • No more than one chargeable accident in last two years
  • No more than four minor violations in last three years
  • No more than four different employers in past 2 years
  • Neat and clean appearance, and professional attitude
  • Twenty-four years of age
  • Commercial drivers license
  • Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, or Green Card

Apply below or check out or FAQ section for more details.

Note: Downloaded application should be filled out and faxed back to us at:

(763) 999-5004

Thank you!

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Better Pay, Home Time, and Miles. Apply Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always many questions when an individual is thinking of leasing onto a new company. In our Frequently Asked Questions section, we have tried to address some of those questions.

Is there a sign on fee?

NO, but your tractor must be fully licensed before you can come to work here. We will deduct $200 per settlement (for the 1 st 5 settlements) to create an escrow account. After your escrow account reaches $1000, we will continue to add to that account by withholding 2% of your gross revenue from each settlement.

Who pays for lumpers?

Loading and unloading fees are paid for by our customer on most of our regular hauls. On those loads where unloading is not paid for, we cover the cost in the rate structure.

What is your time off policy?

Contractors typically set their own time off policies. Most teams stay out four weeks and take a week off. Solo operators stay out about two weeks.

How often do you pay?

We pay every other Friday. On every settlement day, you are being paid for envelopes that we had received on or before the previous settlement day.

How much do you pay?

We pay contractors 87% of the gross revenue.

Must I run all 48 States?

All new contractors must be willing to run all areas the company serves. However, we give considerable weight to our contractors’ preferences. For example, we have some contractors that want to go east and west only, and others that want to go north and south only. We try, and are mostly successful, in keeping them in lanes of their choice. If yours is the only truck in town, and we have a load out of your regular lane that must be covered, we will expect you to take it.

Where do you run?

48 States Canada

Do you issue fuel cards?

We issue each contractor an ComData fuel card. We try to fuel as much as we can at T.A. Travel Centers and Petro Truck Stops as they seem to have the best prices and programs for the drivers and contractors.

What are your experience requirements?

A contractor must meet all the qualifications as a company driver.

  • Recent verifiable over the road experience
  • Stable employment record and favorable references
  • NO DUI in last 5 years
  • NO suspension or revocation in last 5 years
  • NO more than one “at fault” accident on MVR
  • Willing and able to drive in all areas the company serves
  • Neat and clean appearance
  • Professional attitude

How about advances?

You can get cash advances from your fuel card at an authorized company fuel stop. Advances are limited to $300.00 per week. All personal advances taken prior to cutoff will be deducted for that same pay period.

Can I have Christmas off at home?

Yes, we get everyone to where they want to be for this holiday. However, we do not allow the entire fleet to go on vacation. A day or so off at Thanksgiving and Christmas is all you can expect. After New Years Day, there is a natural slow period and we encourage contractors to take their vacations then.

Do you haul Haz-Mat loads?


Can I have a passenger?

Yes. There are some restrictions.

What do you haul?

Mostly food. Dry, refrigerated, or frozen. Most of our loads are on pallets, some on slip sheets. You will find that we do the same loads over and over again.

Contact Info:

Po Box 48756

Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Phone: (763) 999-5005

Fax: (763) 999-5004

Or use the contact form below: